Recording Midi From Renoise Into Jjos Mpc 1000

Hi, all!

Hoping this is just a silly question, and sorry to bother you guys.

I’ve been using Renoise for a year or so now, and I absolutely love it. But today I’ve come across a problem that I just can’t figure out, and either my search-fu is weak or I’m too frustrated to see what I’m missing.

The problem is, I’m trying to get my MPC-1000 (JJOS 4.99) to record MIDI output from renoise. I’m getting the MPC to recognize clock and MMC sent, but it just passes the MIDI data on to my hardware synths via the soft thru.

I can get a MIDI recording on the MPC when running from Ableton, but I’d much rather be using Renoise. I’m hoping there’s just a button I’m not hitting here or something, because I’m really lost. Any help would be much appreciated!


p.s.- is there a MIDI export function in Renoise? Is it possible to get .MID files on a per-track basis? Thanks again!

If you can get your MPC to understand SPP, you are getting somewhere. AFAIK Renoise does not use MMC timings for synchronisation.

There is no native renoise .MID export function, but there is a 3rd party Javascript tool that does this.

Bummer. Thanks, vincent!