Recording MIDI from VST?

Hi Everyone,

I know that this has been discussed over the years, but I haven’t seen a recent posting on this issue here in the forum (not since Renoise 3, at least). I would like to run a VST sequencer (such as Cthulu) that outputs MIDI within Renoise, and have Renoise record the MIDI output of this sequencer as it is running. Is this possible to do, perhaps with virtual MIDI cables? I know that I can have the sequencer drive a separate instrument directly, but the notes are not recorded in that case. My idea is to actually use two virtual midi devices - LoopBe and LoopMidi, with the sequencer output to LoopBE, have the MIDI data routed between LoopBe and LoopMidi using something like Midiberry (for Windows), and then have the MIDI data recorded on the instrument track using LoopMidi as the input device. Would this work? Is there an easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there, totally new Renoise user here. Looking exactly for the same functionality. Is there no official statement from the developer to support this in a near future??