Recording mixes with renoise!

Hi guys!

So as well as producing with Renoise I also want to start recording my DJ’ing direct from my mixer into Renoise via a USB soundcard and I’m looking for some advice.

First and foremost, is this a viable option? Is it done a lot? If so… I’m looking for some advice on how to go about:

  1. Configuring Renoise for recording so that I’m recording with the highest possible quality

  2. What, if any, processing to have on either the master bus or the recording’s track?

Any help & advice would be very appreciated!

No one? :(

This tutorials page that should cover this…ing_New_Samples

Personally I would just put a limiter on the recording/master track , to stop any clipping. If you want to add fx once finished then you still can, and then re-render.

If its a good way to do your recording, Im not sure, but maybe this can give you a start.