Recording Mp3 In Demo Version

Is it illegal to export the song to mp3 through the demo version? I can do it by using a ‘What U Hear’ recorder. It records the output of the sound card into an mp3. I am thinking of doing it to show you guys my first track. Is it illegal? If so, then I won’t do it.

Thanks! :)

I don´t think so. (never heard of any law or license agreement or whatever which forbidds to record your own output) Go ahead and record as much as you want :)

btw. you should maybe take in consideration to register Renoise some day. It´s much more comfortable to use the internal renderer and the quality of your sound benefits too!

Yep, surely! I will register it! Its such an awesome program I would pay the developers even if they don’t give it to me. :)

Selecting “What U Hear” in recording mixer of your soundcard enables audio recorder programs to record the output of your soundcard, you still have to encode the recorded wave to MP3 using a converter… Which program do you use to record and save as MP3?

Well, it’s not illegal, the limitation comes when you have a shite-load of VST plugins that have to be processed at the same time that is hardly workable for your CPU in real-time.
This is where the rendering will be of absolute must to get your output 100% clean and click/hop-free.
But you would also enjoy a few other things when you register…Like a line-in device :D

LINE-IN DEVICE is available in demo version also vV, isn’t it?

I have the Creative Mediasource Organizer (came with my mp3 player). It records ‘What U Hear’ directly to mp3.

And I will register, don’t worry. Its already my birthday gift for next year. :)