Recording Multiple Cc At Once

Is there a way to record multiple CC values at once?
Basically I’m trying to capture MIDI data from a joystick that is sending info from its X and Y parameters at the same time, but Renoise seems to only want to capture the X or the Y, not both at the same time.

using a MIDI-CC Device (since 2.1 it is called MIDI-Control Device) you are able to record more than one value using automation curves.

Thanks It-Alien.
I wish the MIDI-Control Device was the answer.
Unfortunately I really want to record the MIDI info from a joystick.
I’m trying to create a setup that will allow a friend with Cerebral Palsy, and a limited range of movement to play and record music.
Still, we can work with what’s available (One CC at a time),
but I might put this (my wish to record more than one CC at a time) in as a request.

Can you assign a specific channel to each axis? That might be the corner to look for the other half of the answer…