Recording multiple cc's (very dense) in same time (Expressive E Touché)

I had a long period of not making music so it is possible that i forgot how to do this. Renoise 3.1.1 currently.

Short story: Is there way to record all cc’s signal generated?

So i bough today [it’s 3d modwheel basicly] and i’m loving it as adding expressivness, but problem is that it’s generating very dense (4cc’s in same time and more) midi signal, and problem is that it looks like when i record it it writes to pattern only one command per line (and i suspect only last one), and it’s not enough when trying to record performance for Arche instruments. I’m using lpb 12 and its still not enough and i do feel like it would be good if there would be option to maybe select how many lines is creating on fx column, or something like that

Is there way to do it? I’ve tried to map controller to instrument automation device, but it doesn’t work because it is switching to controll their own vst if it is on list.

I do have some programmer skill so if somebody would say that it is possible to record midi input to some kind of buffer, sorting them out and inputing them into pattern and its only one, but viable option, i should be able to do it.

I use the MIDI automation device with the “Pattern Automation Recording Mode” enabled regularly with 2 or 3 CC’s at once. It works really well imo. This writes the mapped CC values to the automation device (the mapped parameters). This also frees up the fx lane(s) for other things. :slight_smile:

Is Pattern Automation Recording Mode this icon Zrzut ekranu 2020-05-09 o 00.13.52 or i’m missing somthing?

It is. Try to use that with when using more than one CC at once.

Oh thank you its this, but i do have problem because i can’t send only one cc without any other, is there way to manually put cc number into field in midi mapping?

Thank you, This is solution, but i just want to add to it that to write cc’s when its impossible to isolate only one cc you can copy device, edit it text editor and paste back.

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