Recording multiple MIDI CC's

Some issues strikes me again.
This time I stuck a little with recording MIDI from Roland E-Drums (module TD-12).
It sends CC16 (detection of snare hit position) and a CC04 (HiHat Open/Close value).
I figured, then recording to the one track, what only one MIDI CC can be recorded on one line.
So I get or HiHat C/O value, or snare hit position value only (although, there can be a hat sound and snare sound both on some lines ).
for example I have folowing - (D3 - snare note, D2 - HH note) this line

D-301 7A … – D-201 64 M0 – 1000 ----

or this

D-301 70 … – D-201 5E M0 – -47E ----

Have you any ideas about workaround of such nuahce?
Meanwhile I’m trying to record separatly BD+Snare into one track, and a HiHat party into another (can’t live record whole pattern without a mistake anyway)))

The duplex tool?
Another not so obvious thing (at least not for pad controls) is inserting a Midi Control device (that you link to your Roland instrument), map each pad to a slider and record the midi CC messages into automation. It is one way to record multiple CC messages at the same time.