Recording Note-offs

As basic a question as it gets …

I had this beginner’s Yamaha workstation that could step record and if you weren’t holding a key when you press the step advance button it would record a Note Off. I was able to record non-legato melodies very quickly this way. It could even record chords, basically if you were holding a note you could layer more notes until you hit Step Advance (or release all keys) and if you lift the keys and hit advance again it would insert Note Offs for all the notes in the chord. I think you could even use the advance button to insert note offs for specific notes. Finally if you just played notes without touching the advance button it would work like a regular step sequencer with each note being a legato 16th or whatever was selected. It was very clever and versatile, so it was a shame that it only had 5000-note memory and it’s the last keyboard I saw with a step sequencer like that.

After flipping through the docs it seems the only way provided to record Note-offs in Renoise, short of live recording is the Capslock key, is that right? And also the Cx command in vol/pan and I think there’s one other one with 256-tick res but that all has to be done post-recording.

Looking to know if there is an easier way or any tips/suggestions.

It would be very handy too to know if there’s a way to record not-quite-legato notes i.e. there’s a note cut just a few ticks before the next note.