Recording notes while playing mono instrument, glide not recorded unless sample fx visible

As the title says, when in record mode and playing a sample instrument with the keyboard, glide isn’t inserted into the live recording unless the sample fx column is visible. Is this intended and just something one must keep in mind if they want their performance to match what was recorded?

Well ,it’s pretty logical isn’t it since there’s NO effects lane to record the glidedata into
You either enable the global effects column (affecting all note lanes ) ,or the effects lane for the not collumn

Recording unquantized always shows the delay column though, so it does feel a little inconsistent.

I understand, if it’s not visible don’t record, but as mentioned recording unquantized will automagically enable view of the delay column. I think in my opinion it would be nice if that happened with the fx column when recording mono instead of being just one more thing to think about with the opposite side of the brain. So I guess this is actually a feature request if it is the intended behavior. I can’t think of any time you would have glide on and mono and NOT want to record the glide. If you can, please enlighten.