Recording: Pattern Based New Takes

dunno, if this has come up before.
I recently did some recording of external instruments (guitar, bass), and as I’m not a very good player I often have to repeat the same part of a song often (also for trying out different versions aka jamming).
So my question:
is it possible to start a new take automaticly every time the currently playing entity (song, pattern, repeated patterns) starts again, so I just can keep playing without the hassle of pressing start/stop or cutting a very long sample afterwards. Also it would be very good if there would be the ability to choose not to store the new sample as new instrument but as new sample in the same instrument.

Another thing, while I’m at it: maybe I’ve missed the option somewhere, but I find it very unintuitive and rather impractical that if I combine a few pattern with the appropriate combine pattern command, the resulting pattern doesn’t get a new number but instead the first of the selected patterns. Most of the time I don’t want to overwrite a pattern right away as I could need it somewhere else.

Any opinions/solutions/hints are very welcome :)

Good question! I don’t know the answer but I had the same problem. If it is not possible, I would love to see something like this. Block- or pattern - synchronized recording and multiple takes (sometimes called “comping” or comp tracks) would be very useful to me.

Comping… Thanks, I learned something today :)
It would really be great if this or a similar feature could be included in one of the next versions as it would really be a great addition (IMHO).
Any tips to share as to how to accomplish something similar with the tools available right now in renoise´?

What i do with my guitar, is get the bit of the song where i want to play over, loop the patern(s) and just repeat it like 20 times while recording the riff, 20 times.

I’m not sure if this is what you have in mind, but like that, i usually end up with 3 or 4 solid recordings of the riff, which you can then alternate through the song to have it sound a bit less static aswell. Then i just cut it all up (the wav sample recorded) into the riff, 20 times and throw out the bad ones. in the sampel you can also just select a good take, and then copy it to a new instrument.

hope this helps a bit :)

So you get a long sample with ~20 takes in it, and just cut it up to your needs aftewards? This is how I do it too, but I think this should be made easier :slight_smile:
Do you have a way to start/stop recording with some kind of foot-pedal? I was thinking lately of something like this. I would like to have some kind of midi-foot-control-pedal to start/stop recording or to start loop-playback. This is a little off topic I guess, but why be shy :slight_smile:

Renoise 2.5 does automatically export with markers so wouldn’t be too hard to cut into exact (multiples of) block size chunks if you wanted. Imagine live playing wont always be on the precise beat though.

Would be nice for Renoise to bring in a way for doing multiple takes and choosing your favourite one(s).