Recording/playback Of Macros

Wouldn’t it be neat if, when every other feature has been added, Renoise could record macros of every action, or a selection of actions made during a session? Then when loading, have it follow the actions made, following mouse/keyboard input, highlighting, with the option to add comments for clarification, etc.
I’m just thinking it would be pretty neat to have, to know later how you went about composing.
Also, maybe macros could be reused for different projects, and the community could share their macros as tutorials, or use them to illustrate points made in the manual.

I’m just thinking along the lines of how macros/actions are recorded in some graphics/painting apps (i.e. OpenCanvas, Photoshop). Not sure how it would lend itself to Renoise, but I’m curious what others here think of this.

How I think it might work:
Whenever a macro is started, state which VST(i)'s are required for the macro to work, and have it ask the user to locate the samples it’ll load and use during the course of the macro.
When recording the macro, there’s no recording of audio/video, only the recording of user input/commands.