Recording Raw Signal While Hearing It With Effects


I’ve found that I keep on messing up on my guitar parts in Renoise because:
( a ) I’m a crap guitarist - although I’m working on that one, slowly but surely
( b ) Renoise doesn’t have an option to record just the raw signal while you’re hearing it (at the same time) with effects from a track. (What I mean is that Renoise wouldn’t record any effects even though you’d be hearing them.)

It would be really cool to be able do this (talking about point B above) because I’m the type of person who likes flexibility. If I record something with a particular sound in mind, and then (in the mixing stage) if I find out it doesn’t really fit without tweaking, I could then go back and change the sound a little, which I can’t currently do because Renoise doesn’t allow me to. If the sound is already recorded in the sample editor with effects (which is currently the only possibility we have other than recording/listening raw), then it leaves no flexibility for changing anything later on, and it ends up wasting loads of time re-recording things later on that really shouldn’t have to be re-recorded - especially not just to change the sound a little. That could add up to a serious amount of wasted time.

Currently my guitar parts end up sucking because if I want to record something raw to apply effects to it later (and be able to change it), I’d have to listen to it raw while I record it raw - which really affects my judgement of how I’m playing, because I can’t hear it with the effects I want while I record it.

Any chance of this being added in a later release?