Recording Reaktor Sequencer/groovebox Within Renoise?

Hey folks,

I have some trouble with recording midi from reaktor sequencers/grooveboxes into Renoise. When entering notes to trigger the groovebox from lets say pattern 7, it keeps playing from pattern 1…

Could someone please explain how to do this?

Regards// Arp Arp

you should direct trigger the play/stop command inside your reaktor ensemble with (for example) a specific midi note. e.g. 48 plays and 60 stops.
how to do that is a question for the ni forums.
but the easiest way would be to use a patterncommand in renoise and mute the channel, till you want it to play.
or render it to a sample.

EDIT: with play/stop command i mean the used parameter for the clock module in the ensemble.