Recording Rebirth In To Renoise

Hey, I want to be able to record my Rebirth acid synthesis in to renoise, is this possible, if so how?
I have a sound card with inputs and outputs, but if I put the outputs in to the input I can’t hear Rebirth so I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

If this is about the Rebirth plugin:

-> “Render Selection to Sample” in Renoise on the track where Rebirth is playing will do the trick then

I have a standalone program called Rebirth 2.0 RB-338
It’s not a plugin I believe.
Will look into it tomorow.

If you have programmed some arps in Rebirth 2.0, and that is what you want in. There is a VSTi that can import your arps/melodies from rebirth. I don’t remember the name of the VSTi right now. I tought it was BassLine, but I looked it up, and it did’nt look like I remembered it. When I used the plugin it was resembling a Yellow box of some kind. Maybe someone else knows which one I mean.

Audiorealism Bassline ver 1 (current version is 2) was a yellow box ;) and supported rebirth pattern import…
EDIT: just checked the bassline2 manual, and it seems like version 2 does NOT support repirth patterns :(

taktik means that you can record Rebirth’s sound easily in Renoise, if you connected both apps via ReWire and use rendering function on the ReWired track in Renoise.