Recording Renoise into Abelton (Explain like im five)

Ive been reading things and looking at things, and I feel really stupid, because I mostly am with this, but how do I record from renoise into an abelton track, im using the demo right now and trying to wrap my head around all of it, I really like the flow but im just dumber than sack of cement at a nascar rally.

depends on how you plan to do it, but if you plan using as rewire, this might be helpful:

demo limitations:

  • No ASIO support on Windows
  • Rendering to .wav is disabled
  • Rendering/resampling selections is disabled
  • Rendering/freezing plugin instruments to samples is disabled
  • Nag screens
    As ReWire Master, only the first stereo input bus will be available
    As ReWire Slave, Renoise will occasionally generate a small subtle hiss
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Sorry I forgot to add, if I bought the full version, that was my plan initially to get the full version and make cool stuff and then record it or use it in tandem with abelton, so my question would pertain to the full version. :slight_smile:

Did you figure it out? If not, read up on how to use Rewire, you then open Renoise from within Ableton, routing tracks as you wish in there.