Recording Samples into Renoise using Pipewire

I am interested in recording samples from my browser into Renoise. I know this is possible, although i can’t find any information online to help me get it setup. Is an Application like WirePlumber or Qjackctl necessary? Anyone willing to help me out a bit?

I am using qpwgraph

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okay, my issue is not knowing how to patch everything together, I have tried it a few different ways but can’t figure it out, do you think you could post a screenshot of your patchbay?

Are you sure that you enabled inputs in renoise from the settings?

In Device settings? I have the “In device” set to 2 channels

Yes, in the Audio section. 2 channels in

Yes I have that set. Still no audio coming through to Renoise.

Got it figured out now.

Just wanted to bump this thread as I have a couple more questions.

The whole act of opening up QJackCtl, setting up the patchbay, opening Renoise, and then hitting record still feels a bit tedious to me. Does anyone, who is familiar with Pipewire, have a better approach towards this?

Better yet, does anyone know of an application that will allow you to just record audio from your desktop straight to an audio file (Similar to how OBS records video). In that case, I can set it to a hotkey and record audio with ease, without having to open up Renoise.

Try this:

Rolling Sampler is a plugin that can be inserted anywhere and constantly records audio in a loop no matter what what your DAW is doing.

The recorded bits can be highlighted and dragged out anywhere.

I haven’t tried it yet, but @moloko has convinced me to buy it, eventually.

Also, since you’re on Linux:



Looking for FOSS but will definitely have a look at this. Thanks!

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