Recording to phrases

Will this functionality ever be added? It’d be very helpful to be able to record to patterns instead of just into the regular tracker so I can record sequences at different LPB in a song.

Something like this?

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Thank you, this is a neat workaround. However it still doesn’t totally work in my case because the point is to record at different lines per beat within the same song. Though I suppose I could just temporarily change the LPB and record it with the rest of the song sounding messed up. Would.prohibit playing along live though and only work with sequencers.

one thing you can do to mess with LPB is export your song to a stereo track, and play it from line 1 using autoseek. Then you can change LPB around all you want. Cool for writing new parts against a sort of framework, without being tied to the LPB of the existing stuff.