Recording Vocals and Guitar

Hi everyone i’m new here hope everyone is well and good after the crazy 4 years we have had recently.
so i have aquired a copy of renoise but i haven’t got a computer yet (sounds funny i know) , i had to sell my desktop a while back but i’m getting given an ok laptop in the next few weeks , i want to keep my setup minimal, i plan to use the laptop with a zoom h1n to record acoustic guitar and singing along with beats and maybe some bass and keys real minimal stuff now i know Renoise isn’t a multitrack recorder , and i do have a cut down copy of cubase Le and ableton live lite somewhere , but i really want to knuckle down and keep it minimal and use only renoise with some xrni samples if i can and just use one software , i want to research these next couple of weeks how to record in renoise and if there’s anyone that does this and has easy methods.

Ps : couple questions here that are related ,

  1. can you use a metronome or record along to a beat in the sampler to get recordings in time? because if you can i think the rest is straightforward like adding a sample in like any other.

2.: are there any audio recording tools or will there be any plans too make renoise record conventional audio

apart from
that thank you taktik and everyone here nice to meet you all

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Hi and welcome:)

  1. in sample record dialogue - you have sync option: sync to pattern. This means that when you press space (playback, it will start recording) you can use metronome as you would in regular playback
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excellent so why don’t people record this way then ? you can record whole 4min songs or longer as a sample? cheers

are there good tutorials on recording ? i don’t see why this is a problem for recording why other people need other daws if you can record along to your song in time .

i think sync only syncs to pattern length, and that means you cannot record whole song in one go

what if you make
the pattern length 4 mins ?

This is not true. You can record for as long as you want in the sample recorder. In sync mode, you can click the Play button and it will count you in, then play the whole son while it records you.


you are right, i’ve just tried it

really appreciate this , i havent my computer yet but i’m
gonna see if i can record into renoise , can you multi sample and edit side by side some
kind of workaround for comping ? a tool perhaps is it possible