Recording Vocals Inside Renoise

Iv been lurking on this forum for a while, leaching tips and adivce :blink: and to be honest I wouldnt know half as much about renoise without this forum.
I found a really effective way to record vocals in Renoise. You need a lot of CPU power and fast ASIO but once I got all the latency things balanced it was perfect for me.
The vocal was sent into the PC through a Behringer Xenyx USB audio interface/mixer and Im using that as the sound driver. The Mic is the Beringer B2. I do all the music as I normally would in Renoise then open up the sample editor and have that set to I can hear the track through the headphones while I sing over the top of that, creating a sample of my voice. I tend to sample in motifs per pattern to keep each sample short and that also makes editing each vocal sample easier. Then i just treat the vocal parts like any other Renoise instrument and add effects on a send channel for compression/limit etc.

There’s probably a simpler way of explaining that but here’s the track with some flaws Im still editing.
Oh yeh, just a warning, its house with an 80s twist. :w00t:

Pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of New Order, but the lyrics are way too dark. Good stuff.