Recording Vocals using Renoise and Protools

Hi all, hope all is well.

Working on a synth pop record and have been using Renoise to compose stuff as it’s super inspiring to work with and having a blast, at the point now though where I need to throw vocals over the tracks and I’m kind of stuck at what to do about it. Knowing that you can’t just straight record audio tracks (other than samples of course) to Renoise, I figure I have to do the vocals in pro tools (given its the other bit of software I know).

Now this would normally I assume be a simple matter of porting the individual audio tracks over to pro tools which I can still do, but I currently like how I have things mixed in renoise and would rather not have to remix everything again, which I figure I would have to do with pro tools.

I’m guessing here that the way to do this is by using “Rewire” which I haven’t really messed with before and am just trying to mess around with now, if anyone who has had experience putting vocals over tracks made in Renoise would be able to help advise me as to the best way to go about this I would appreciate it a bunch.


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I can suggest following:

Route each track from renoise to pro tools (by using either jack or rewire), record in realtime - or just export
and you have everything ready to go :slight_smile:

Or you can record vocal in renoise, and re-arrange it a bit - chop it by smaller segments - which can boost creativity also

I hope that this is a little bit helpful, since you would need to change your approach with longer tracks in renoise in order to feel comfortable.

There is also an possibility that you just hit rec when playing track from start to end, over that record sample - vocal, and then just put it on the first line of the track. There are ‘workarounds’ that will just do fine, it’s the way you have to go through to make it happen.

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