Recording VSTs

Hello trackers/trackees. I’ve looked up and down for a solution on this, and am purty new at all this so: is there a way to record VSTs and such straight live into the sample editor? Not just render selection, but simply playing live, as if using Line In with an outer source. If not I guess I should make it a feature request. Thanks!

Hey 4mica, welcome :D

This might be helpfull…

Thank you for the quick help there man, but that has to do with rendering samples, which will be handy in the future, but I just want to record with a VST live, straight into the sample editor, no rendering. It’s no biggie if that feature isn’t there, as I can use EnergyXT VST for recording…it’s just an extra step or two that’s all…thanks-

You can do it if you have some way to loop the sound back in, for example, with multiple sound interfaces. (Then you could put analog effects into your live loop!) If you have many VST hosts then you already have a few similar workarounds.

Thanks much-