Recording Windows Mix/audio?

does anyone know of an easy way to record the “windows mix” audio. my old soundcard used to have this as an option in the record input box of the mixer… the new one does not. its really useful!! i managed to get round it by routing the output to the input, but this is far from ideal…

I’ve heard Total Recorder can do this:

I haven’t tried it, though.

I use Audacity. Free and open source.

im looking for something like this myself, The total recorder software
only detects my LINE IN “inputs” im using the line-out/line-in solution
also… if anybody can help me out im super-greatful.

edit: using Audiophile USB ext.soundcard.

and i have a soundblaster 16 card also, but it’s useless… sounds leaking
internally on that stuff so it’s like listening to a radiostation from

how would you do this in audacity? surely you still need your soundcard to offer ‘windows mix’ or similar? or is there an option somewhere in audacity which specifically enables this?

There seems to be Jack for windows… Jack connects/ties audio-busses from different audio applications together.
I know how it works in Linux and it works pretty nice.
But i haven’t tested this myself on windows for internal mixing as my soundcard natively supports mix recording.