Recreate this sound

Seriously is there an VST or technique that can recreate this amazing fat rich C64 sound (The lead instrument)?

Im toying around with Bleep and Basic 65 but i cant get that quality. What is the difference?

Bit reduction on saw wave will get you very close.

VST that sound close:

and try his other plugins, many of them are of that kind low bit res / chiptune alike…

C64 sid audio chip uses pulse width modulation (PWM). You can use any PWM capable synth (also a Renoise instrument by using a simple saw wave + a reversed saw wave and detune/offset them = modulating pulse wave) + a reducer like renoise’s internal (or leave the reducer for hq). Also add some filter devices to the result, bandpass or highpass. If you use Renoise internal or a decent vst synth for PWM, the result will also sound like chip tune only better than sid. Or buy a vst like quadrasid to get the original sound. But the programming of original emulations like quadrasid isn’t so cool.


And a lot freeware vst available for windows at least:

Did an XRNI with that lead a while ago. Download (2,7kb)

This link ain’t gonna be permanently up. So grab it, as long as it’s there. Might be gone again, when I’m cleaning my webspace.