Recreate weird c-64 sound

Hey guys!
Im looking for clues to how to recreate a special kind of sound. You can find it in the legendary tunes Commando (first sounds you hear) and International Karate for example and are used as som sort of percussive fill in thing. The only thing that comes up in mind to desribed is the thought of glass shattering Comodore 64 style. I think some modular ring is involved however. Is this enough of a description or should i maybe try to post a byte of audio?

Here is another example at the type of glass crashing sound i am after. Starts at 0:15](

Here is an audio clip from commando with the sound:7376 CommandoGlassCrash.wav

Maybe this, from KVR?

From the interview with Yannes here:

Ring Modulation was accomplished by substituting the accumulator MSB of an oscillator in the EXOR function of the triangle waveform generator with the accumulator MSB of the previous oscillator. That is why the triangle waveform must be selected to use Ring Modulation.

Quite clever.

EDIT: I guess he must mean replacing the EXOR control input for an oscillator with an EXOR of both the accumulator MSBs, no?

If not, it would be sawtooth multiplied with square.

The patent (US4,677,890) is very vague on this:

RING MOD (Bit 2) The ring mod bit, when set to a one, replaces the triangle waveform output of oscillator 41 with a “ring modulated” combination of oscillators 41 and 45. Varying the frequency of oscillator 1 with respect to oscillator 3 produces a wide range of non-harmonic overtone structures for creating bell or song sounds and for special effects. In order for ring modulation to be audible, the triangular waveform of oscillator 41 must be selected and oscillator 45 must be set to some frequency other than zero. No other parameters of voice 3 have any effect on ring modulation.


Thanks for that!

Unfortunately it goes right overe my head. So i hope for someone nerdier than me that knows how this sound is produced to point me in the right direction.

But untill then ill experiment with using the RingModeffect and multiple a triangel with a square wave and see if i can get any closer.

Never thought about that sound until you mentioned it. It sounds like a high-pitched arpeggio with a sharp sound that changes over time a bit while being played.