Recreating songs in renoise

is there a way to line up a song in renoise like you can in a DAW like FL studio to recreate the song piece by piece? when i used FL i used to put the song i wanted to learn from into the playlist and rebuild the song with my own samples to learn new styles of creating music, can this be done in renoise somehow?

Sure, just drop in the track with tempo matched, turn auto seek on, create as many patterns as you need for the whole track, and have at it


this allows me to replay any section of the pattern over and over again with the song still playing like it would on FL?

Haven’t tried it, but if autoseek is on I don’t see why it wouldn’t behave this way

so i drop it into the sampler? where is tempo match and auto seek?

got auto seek on, when using have issues tempo matching, when i click beatsync it plays static in a fast pitch

This seems possible in Renoise of course. I haven’t made this exercice but it seems a bit more dificult in Renoise as there is not sound waveforms in visual like in FL Studio.

The easyer way I think is to cut the reference track at the begining of a bar to start well into the first pattern. Put the reference track sample at the first row of the first pattern and go!

If you know the tempo of the reference track, just set it If not, you can use the metronome and adjust by ear. Anyway it’s a good exercice. ^^

The beatsync option is more for doing loops, when you have a drumming sample for example.

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im using the song True by Spandau Ballet an 80s song, i cut the start and its at 97bpm as per google, it starts off sync’ed to the metronome then by the 3rd patterns it becomes desynced, beatsync is turned off as it doesnt seem to work, any ideas to keep it insync?

Maybe the song is not exactly at 97 bpm? Try with 97.2 or 96.8 bpm or other small values?
(enter the bpm value on keyboard this case)

They used tape machines back then which might cause some timing issues here?

Not sure the best way to align this, maybe I’d cut the reference song into smaller piece and try align each best possible but this might become painful as you can’t duplicate patterns easily going forward.

First thing is, you have to cut it so it sounds nice when looped. Looped as in, set the sample to looped, and keep playing it in the sample editor.

“Loopable”, because that means the timing is correct. Some songs sound weird when you loop parts because the singing cuts in/out etc, try to focus just on the rhythm. Tap your foot to it, snap your fingers, nod your head, whatever helps.

You can use longish-samples but forget using minute long songs, I would say. If you absolutely want the whole song, chop it up into several smaller loopable parts. That will end up taking less time than trying to wrangle one huge sample. But of course, what exactly “smaller” or “too long” means depends on the song. But for practice, I would start small, once you have the process down, use it on the biggest chunks you can find.

Depending on the song, you might not want to use the first beat as the point to cut, but something that sticks out more, like a snare, but it really doesn’t matter as long as you pick the same thing for beginning and end.

You can also set the loop points, and once you’re satisfied set the selection to the loop, and then use the trim command to get rid of everything else.

Then you set beatsync to something sensible (32/64/128 etc.) and adjust the song speed until it sounds as it would without beatsync (if you want)

Once you found something that loops, try to line that up in the track later using the sample offset commands, and the track offset if necessary. E.g. add something like a snare or hi-hats on another track, then play around with the loop until it sounds the least shitty.

(Sometimes I even managed to fix something that didn’t have clean timing in the sample editor, by just copying and pasting… it can work, but I wouldn’t count on it, and I would say on average it’s not worth the time, unless it really has to be that song)


I would recommend following;

get Ableton Live (even demo version) and drop the song there on the track. Ableton has this ability to warp whatever sample there is to the project BPM. So if you want the song to be 97BPM like Spandau Ballet track adjust the Ableton project to 97BPM first and import the track. It should nicely align to the tempo fixing any timing issues (Ableton could detect for example 96.87BPM and automatically adjust it to 97). You could even go crazy and import it onto 120BPM and it will speed up the whole song (you decide if you want to keep the original pitch or have the whole song pitched up).

Once the track aligns with Abletons project BPM you can double check each section playing it back with the metronome on, then just export it to desired format and import to Renoise. This should fix all the timing issues when playing back in Renoise.


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