Recreating stereo enhancer

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Hi, I am currently trying to rebuild the stereo enhancer effect in lua. Now it turns out that the “surround” effect isn’t just a simple stereo rotator, it does more than that, but I don’t know what it is :smile: Any idea maybe? Thanks.

Maybe it LFO modulates the 90 degree signal with the inverted LFO on the -90 degree signal? Or 0° with 90°?


Curious how you would do this in lua? Are you looking at offline processing?

Anyway on a slight tangent, I found that the Stereo Enhancer is not mono compatible so I made a doofer out of native EQ’s which works fine in mono as well… It was in the downloads section in the old forum but I can’t find that here so I have attached it: Mono 2 Stereo 1.1.xrdp (36.6 KB)

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@afta8 thank you! Though I am looking for a replacement vst for usage in Bitwig conversions, so I am using the LUA Protoplug VST and already created a very similar plugin now, maybe even more useful due using a variable allpass filter.

The stereo enhancer is useful for me esp. on material which originally wasn’t mono compatible, so the logic is like: not mono compatible + not mono compatible = mono compatible :grin:

Still that surround algorithm… I really think now it leaks in the middle signal into the side and vice versa, done by purpose, in a modulated way. That’s why I once thought it was buggy and reported it as a bug, assuming it should have been a simple stereo rotation, but in fact, it isn’t that simple.

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Maybe something like this:

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Ah yes, exactly this one I added, but it is a “usual” stereo rotator, but the surround algorithm has some additional “magic” going on.

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im using the multiband FX with the tool loaded so i can play with the width …its that what you want to achieve or you like the character of the renoise effect ? :slight_smile:


sorry to interrupt - is that chain or native multiband fx device? :slight_smile:

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is native in bitwig i think @ffx is moving his projects to Bitiwig


sorry, i overlooked that! i’m aware, i was excited to see something similar in renoise, so i had to jump in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!

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np bro :slight_smile:


since it’s bitwig talk, i love the way processing works, how you can add pre to (for example) , post/pre fx for reverb, for distortion only wet fx, or so… it’s opening a lot of ways!

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Hi, yes, it is a VST. Yes, I want to recreate the character of that device, for super accurate conversion :badteeth: