Red Sands - Tense Electroacoustic Chaos

Flying the skies of The Netherlands, Pilot7 released an untitled stomper last year that caught my ear. I’ve long had a fascination with the perceived ‘temperature’ of a song. This one prompted intense inescapable heat, drilling humanoids into a delirious crawl across some desolate surface. I suggested to Pilot7 that I could offer some guitar improvisation in order to enhance this vision. Guitar and voice were added. The tense result can be downloaded here:

Red Sands

The title is partly inspired by a recent trip out to Quilpie, and in particular a little geographic feature called ‘Baldy Top’.

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Yeah lesson learnt, less is more. Too many notes on my part. Should have taken the time to craft a more emotional melody.

Thanks for the feedback Kaneel.

some of the drum hit sounds seemed a bit off centre where played backwards…

What i would suggest is edit the fine timing of where the reverse is played; experiment with starting the backwards hits in different parts of the original drum sample for instance; like C-400. . B0 0940 as opposed to C-400. . . . 0B00; or C-400. . B0 - - - - respectively

^ i do get what you mean but there are no drum hits used, it’s mostly drumatic ^_^

this version is beyond everything i hoped for. mark has captured really really well what i was trying to do here and has taken it to a new level. much appreciated, thanks. love it


awesome tune! :D

The missing 5th Zerg tune from Starcraft

i dig this very much. when i listened to it on sunday before i even read the description, the guitars were my favourite part of the track.

i’ve had time to listen to it more now… i really enjoy this. the tension is great!