"Reder-Or" by Divine Electronics

This is a simple dace-ish track I’ve put together lightning fast (two-three weeks, compared to years normally), let us say it’s more like a celebration of the newly added VST3 compatibility and the Surge synth. Surge is responsable for 3 instruments here. As per usual, the track is downmixed to tape, hence the hiss.

And the comic book this refers to is yours to decipher :slight_smile:

Hope you dig it,

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What a great track.I loved the atmosphere you created and kept me interested until the end

Thanks, well truth be told I think its a bit boring so good to hear you say that :slight_smile: But in all honesty, I don’t treat this track 100% seriously, it was just great fun to do. i have some others I’m more serious will (I hope to soon announce something here), there the boredom is far less of an issue.
thanks again !

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That is when great tracks are born,if you had fun making it then its fun for others too