Rediscovering my tracking past; inspired chiptune shares

Hey all; I post pretty rarely, but using Renoise since 2003 (and other trackers going back). Not sure why but I’ve been on a particular nostalgia kick going back through a bunch of old tracker files and demo scene stuff. I use Renoise as 1/2 of my main DAW setup 100% these days, but while making more contemporary music. Being inspired by revisiting tracker history encouraged me to strip everything away in Renoise and utilize primarily column, panning, volume only and not much else. This is mostly inspired by early NES, 8 bit music, and chiptunes in general. I’ve done chip-inspired stuff from time to time historically, but it’s rare I share any of it these days.

I Just felt the impact of the scene on my life and wanted to share a few revisits of the past into the present. Here’s a couple of recent Renoise chiptunes inspired by the tracker music scene/game music.

Thanks tracker family,
(formerly) Electric Nectar


Talents! “Cosmic Interlude” gives me the same feeling as music by Beek (another chiptune artist).

Wow, so awesome you mention Beek: For whatever reason I never came across Beek back when I was dabbling with the demo scene. But as I’ve been on a nostalgia kick and revisiting tunes and such, Beek came up, Virt too (and others), and listening to their stuff really inspired me. That’s awesome that some of it seems to have rubbed off enough for you to feel that. :smiley:

Quite nostalgic sounds indeed, but good to hear! ^^

Updated with a reinterpreted Beek & Virt track: :wink:

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