Redman - Old School Jungle Sound

Latest tune I’ve been working on. A cross between old school jungle, dark classical, and a kinda slow drill n bass-ish sound. Not finished yet. Still in the composing stage.

Love the ambiance mate, but the breaks need work, they just seem to be all over the place and without any flow to them.

It sounds like a 33 rpm playback that’s supposed to be played at 45 rpm. Was that on purpose?


Cheers man. Been trying to smooth out the breaks alright. There’s a lot of kinda clunky bits in there that I’m working on fixing. Any sections in particular that stand out for ya, that you reckon need fixing? Or is it just kinda all across the track?


Yes it’s a slower version alright. Was listening to Windowlicker at 33rpm and thought it sounded cool. So I copied the idea.

The sort-of intro part works well (up to 1:15), from that moment onward some of the hits are almost overlapping (1:31,the wee roll around 1:41) while others are just slightly too far apart (1:52-1:56). You should also work on the dynamics of the hits as well - they don’t really cut through the mix and sound weakish and flat. I’ve just noticed your other thread about cutting breaks - look up Weyheyhey!!! and his tips on processing breaks, the man knows his onions ;), also get your hands on all the .xrns he has provided on his website, those tracks are a goldmine of how to get those breaks flowing. I’ll post some of my own tips later mate.

Wow there some good ears you got.I wouldn’t have really picked up on those things. Great advice. I’ve really been trying to tighten it all up since the last day. Gonna review those two points now in the track and see if I hit them since or not. Cheers. :walkman:I kinda got a little mental with it there yesterday and kinda honed in on each individual note like a madman just listening and trying to tune my ears better.

I’ve been trying to find some good info on processing breaks lately, but I couldn’t really find anything solid. Had a quick glance at one of Weyheyhey!!'s .xrns files. Great stuff, so much good in them. That’ll keep me going for a while

Thanks again mate :badteethslayer:

Holy shit, just listened to Eraserhead - Music (weyheyhey remix) on youtube…absolutely nuts. Love it :drummer: