Redux: ability to assign slices to a range of keys (different pitches)

When I bring in a sample for chopping up, I like to slice it up with different sample start points and have each slice spread over 4-5 keys so that I can play it from different pitches.

I find it difficult to do in redux:

  • If I use slices, I can easily and non-destructively edit the start and end points of the slices, but am limited to one key and one pitch for the slice

  • If I use separate samples, I can spread each one over a range of keys (with each at a different pitch), but the sample start point is not settable dynamically, I have to cut off the start of the sample to play it from a different start point. This really kills the experimentation aspect and fun of simply moving a marker around to set the start point.

I know people have requested the ability to set the start point of a sample with a marker, this would solve this problem. But if there is some major architectural reason that this is difficult to do without messing up a lot of things, perhaps the ability to spread slices over a range of keys would be a good alternative (also more elegant as you don’t need multiple copies of a sample).