Redux : build a phrase collection, or import midi files?


I’d like to build a collection of drum patterns.
I could use .mid files, because it is easy to find or buy midi drum patters, but the problem is that when I use Redux without phrases, it seems that note sample is stopped as soon as I release the note. Is there a way to play entire sample with midi notes just like in phrase editor? (where a “shot” is not stopped before it has to be.)

Other possibility that would prefer, is only make use of phrases. But can you tell me where I could find (free or paid, whatever) resources to download an organized set of phrases for drum and percussions?

Thank you

You moved my question to “help and bug”, but actually it’s not a bug or a problem, more a general discussion about where to find additional content and resources for Redux …

Just set each sample to “one shot” and you’re fine.

Thank you.
I was searching an option like the “note lengh = inf” in Renoise, but the “one shot” is good. Don’t sure if closed hi-hat will shut the open hi-hat shot? (I’m not with my keyboard right now, I’ll try later)

If you want your hihats to mute each other, assign them to the same mute group in the sample properties pane

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Great! thank you.

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