Redux changing phrase

So there are 2 modes for phrases in redux ; program and keymap . But let’s say I don’t want to use the keymap mode to change phrases obviously because then i could not use different keys to transpose the pattern .in renoise you could easily change phrase in the pattern area by the Z command when needed .
But how do I change phrases in redux? I found no way to automate it .

It’s done with MIDI CC. (But I can’t find it on the wiki at the moment).

I didn’t find it either

Changing Triggering Mode

For even greater flexibility, you can switch between these behaviours in real-time. The triggering mode is controlled via MIDI program change events. This illustration shows how the values are distributed:

Dux1.0 phrases-triggeringmodes.png
0 turns phrases Off entirely. 1-126 is Program Mode, with the value selecting a specific phrase. 127 activates Keymap Mode.

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Ok i got that
Just tell me how could could i automate the program change during the song?

Depends on the daw you’re using Redux in?

Reason 10

Any one? Please?

I really need to be able to automate phrase programs , not by using the keymap mode

Not that familiar with Reason, but I bet it has a sequencer in it where you can draw the notes in for your rack instruments. I bet you can hook up the matrix device in reason to send its output to redux. Better ask on the reason forum.