Redux dark theme for renoise

Hi guys,
anyone made theme for renoise out of redux dark theme?
or is there already one?

There’s a dark them installed by default already. Open preferences, themes to select it in Redux.

You can also load/import Renoise themes into Redux.

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Thanks Taktik,
but i do not see Redux dark theme in Renoise, but i’ve managed to export it from Redux and import it in Renoise, sorry for bothering, i overlooked the export/import feature…
Thanks again and have a great day!

Could you share that theme? Or a screenshot. I would love a dark version of the Rudux theme in Renoise. The Redux theme was my go to in Renoise for the longest.

here it is

Redux dark theme.xrnc (5.0 KB)

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Redux in renoise:D


just to demonstrate different tabs of sequencer sampler and mixer :smiley:

I’ve been using this the last few days. It works well with Logic’s color scheme, which I use along with Renoise.

Thanks for sharing it!

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