Redux doesn't show up on Renoise!

I got 2 VSTPlugin Folders one 32 Bit and one 64 Bit! When I add my 64 Bit VST Plugin Folder with Redux, Renoise adds 1 Instrument, but it doesn’t show up on the list. I allready got it working but I don’t know the heck what’s wrong now!

Sorry I can’t explain it better!

Just to be sure, which list are you looking at, the list in the bottom left of the gui (=Track Dsp panel) or the plugin tab in the instrument editor?

Redux is a vsti so it should be in the plugin tab of the instrument editor.

Also look into the plugin-options in the preferences to see if both 32 & 64 bit folders are checked, last resort you could try re-scanning previous;y failed plugins and see if it fixes the problem?

I found redux in the plugin tab…thx for the hint