Redux in FL Studio 20

Hello everyone,

Has anyone got recording to work in FL Studio 20? I’ve been trying just about everything I can think of, but it seems like FL Studio just can’t detect the inputs.

I’d like to be able to record from a live input straight into Redux to be able to sample. Others have managed to get Redux in as an effect, but I’ve found that even when I try to use the Plugin Manager to switch it from a synth to an effect, it just changes it back to synth the second that I hit apply. Dragging it to the effects rack on the mixer just causes the DAW to add it as a generator rather than adding it to the effects chain.

I’m out of ideas, and it’s strange that others have found that FL Studio detects the inputs and immediately assumes it’s an effect. For me, it only ever detects it as a generator and refuses to let me use it as an effect, even in Patcher.

Those who got it to work on the Image Line forums used the demo to test it, but I find that the same thing happens with both the demo and the paid version.

Thank you!

Hey David,

I used to have this problem with other plugins that can be used as both effect or generator. The following solution will most likely fix your problem!

FL Studio makes a .fst file for every plugin which it uses to load up plugins into the mixer or the instrument rack. It’s possible that somehow it is confusing the Redux generator .fst with the Redux effect .fst file.

First you need to make sure that you have two seperate Redux plugins showing in your plugin manager after you perform a new scan. It should have a Redux label as vst and a Redux labeled as vsti. If you don’t see a double entry then you should skip to the last paragraph.

After scanning open your windows file navigator and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 20\Data\Patches\Plugin database\Installed\Effects\VST

Find the Redux fst file there and drag and drop it into a mixer channel. This should work!

For future use you can replace the Redux fst in C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 20\Data\Patches\Plugin database\Effects with the one out of the Installed\ folder. It is also a good idea to rename this file and change it into ReduxFX or something.

If a plugin scan does not show 2 seperate Redux entrees in the plugin manager you should check the location where you installed the Redux plugin files to make sure that both the vst and vsti(nstrument) .dll files are present. If not, just reinstall everything and if it doesn’t work even after the fresh install then follow my steps.