Redux in Reaper, Meta device routing mouse click unresponsive bug

(François-Xavier Vigneault-Marcil) #1

So i’m new to Redux and really loving it so far
I dont know if im doing something wrong
But It seems that in Reaper the Meta devices routing arrows especially are very very glitchy and won’t open most of the time when clicked.Velocity tracker,Key tracker,etc.They dont work properly 9 times out of 10.

I managed to make them open a few times and closed Redux and it wont work again,the menu for routing not opening.
Things like the help button seems to be doing that as well.

Reaper latest version 5.978
Renoise latest version 1.0.2

(François-Xavier Vigneault-Marcil) #2

Here is an example of how it works at first when first opening reaper+redux but when closed and reopened it wont respond anymore.