Redux - Is it a tracker?

i dont get what redux is is it a way to have renoise as a vst inside another daw
can you program lets say ableton lives on board instruments inside it , instead of using midi , or is it just a sampler ? thanks guys

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Been wondering this myself. It sounds useful but it isn’t real obvious what it does and doesn’t do, and how it does it.

I too have basically no idea what it is (a sampler with a tracker sequencer?) or if it adds anything useful when I already have Renoise… :thinking:

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I see it as a Tracker-Arpeggiator plugin.

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Redux takes the Sampler and Phrase Editor features from Renoise and makes them available as a plugin for any DAW that supports VST/AU. Take a look at the product page for more detailed info.


its ok i did this before i tried it out extensively its a really great plugin thanks people

its actually more than that
isnt it its actually awesome and the phrases can be used as a mini tracker ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i am rediscovering redux again …it is many things with a mini tracker
the quickest usage of Redux i find is the slicer.
then of course many things follow ! as you can do stepwise instructions of so many commands

at first i wanted to use it like renoise but i think it suits more basslines beats and arpeggios
which is cool ,but if it worked with the midi controller for live recording
it would be so fucking powerfull ,
as it is its great software already
i wonder whether recording phrases live with a midi controlller will be implemented ? @taktik could you chime in is this on the cards cheers pal

they indicated some complexity in coding that into redux… lets hope the find a way