Redux isn't a(Live)

When I hit the Editor button, the lower half of the interface screen isn’t visible in Live.

I’m using jBridge for my 64-bit instruments.

Can’t get it to work …



I think your issue must be specific to Jbridge. I’m running Redux in Live regularly and have never seen this issue, fwiw.

Works fine without jBridge as well here. Looks like an issue where jBridge is not reacting to the new size of the plugin.

why not use just version your host is? redux comes with 32 and 64 bit versions… and what is the benefits of using bridge to run x64 plugins???

If running a 32bit host you have more memory available with a bridged plugin, because it get’s its own address space to use and also a bridged plugin when crashing usually does not take the host with it. There are some benefits.