Redux keyboard input does not work on Linux in Bitwig 3.2

I have contacted Bitwig support, and they’re saying that it’s Redux’s fault, and that I should contact Renoise developers. However, here:

It appears that people are saying this is Bitwig’s issue. What’s the deal?

I contacted Bitwig support a couple of weeks ago about the issue.

They said that they have contacted Redux development to try to find a solution, not sure where things stand now… :man_shrugging:

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We’ve been in contact with them and tried to fix this together. Keyboard input in Redux should work again in the upcoming Bitwig update.


Awesome! Look forward to it.

BitWig just released v3.2.5:

  • Linux: keyboard input was not working for many plug-ins (such as u-he plug-ins, and Renoise’s Redux)