Redux: lacking MIDI out


I’m new to trackers and testing Renoise and Redux. So far so good.

Redux is a great sampler and I seriously consider buying, but one thing holds me back.

Why doesn’t have it MIDI out?

Every step-sequencer plugin has a MIDI out as far as I’m aware of.
It seems I can Redux only use with samples and integrated instruments. With a MIDI out, (or more of them), you could use it with any VST plugin / software / hardware / instrument.

With one extra feature, you could do so much more with Redux.


Bump! Midi out from Redux would be so awesome! I came back to using Renoise after 4 or 5 years and I’m definitely getting Redux too, but it would be fantastic to use phrases to write melodies and have Redux trigger instruments in host DAW. For some reason I feel much more comfortable writing melodies in tracker interface, as I’m faster and more adventurous than on a piano roll, so that feature would be a dream come true!


I’ve been dreaming about that feature as well! I grew up writing music in trackers. Redux midi out would be amazing. It would bring the Renoise environment to so many more people!


They “simply” could put in back the whole VSTi/VST support of Renoise, since Redux exactly is Renoise’s instrument editor. Then all would make much more sense (at least to me :smile:). I think they only are afraid of support issues which might arise (due problems ins third party plugins, which is pretty good point). So they could add VST with some “hidden” config switch, saying that it is not officially supported and not advertised either.

Oh wait, currently no VSTi support within instrument layer (it is outside instrument layer in Renoise). So this idea would go hand in hand with my feature request here:

No, that’s not my request and isn’t what I want. Midi out gives me much more flexibility then plugin support.