Redux may be crashing my Linux OS

I recently upgraded to Kubuntu 22.10, and ever since then, every time I use Redux within Bitwig, after a few minutes of use, I get a system crash that produces a constant and loud buzzing sound, and renders the OS UI useless, as in, although it seems that I can mouse-hover over things and they react, and sort of move windows around, nothing clicked performs an action. I have to shut down the machine by brute force.

Since this has happened several times already, I will need to spend some time with Redux and see if there are steps to reproduce. For now, I don’t see anything in Bitwig’s or Redux’s logs at all, so I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar.

You can try using sandboxing mode for Redux in Bitwig. At least it will not crash the whole PC hopefully.

When I use Redux in Ardour, every few minutes the programme freezes for like 10-15 seconds and is completely unresponsive but then goes back to normal. Happens every few mins.

It did the same in Reaper but I set the ‘minimal undo states’ on Redux within Reaper and now it works fine, no more of the above described behaviour.

Don’t know if that’s helpful but might be worth trying the same in Reaper at your end just so you can rule out other causes and be confident your crashing is caused by the undo states… Maybe…?

To @lilith and @willy_dinglefinger, thanks for the suggestions, especially with putting Redux in a sandbox - I always forget that I can do that. Weird that I’ve never had to do so until now, after upgrading to Kubuntu 22.10.

With Redux in a sandbox, I do experience the freeze and loud buzz I described, but it now goes back to normal after 10 to 15 seconds, as @willy_dinglefinger described, and it also happens once during the course of use.