Redux & MIDI instruments

As I’m using multitrack recording & renoise sequencing together, which is a rather complex workflow, I wanted to try how using Redux in a DAW would work out.

Now… Can I sequence my external synths with Redux through MIDI some way???
Or is it really completely restricted to samples?

(I hope it is not…)

If it is not restricted to samples, what am I not seeing to drive my external synth with redux?

Redux does not have MIDI out


There are some devices that are decent at converting tones over to note CV (usually modular environments) that can then be piped out with corresponding MIDI. Although I haven’t used MIDI (input) capabilities within Redux yet, and I can’t vouch for the use-cases of doing something like this, I’d be willing to rig up something like this for the ‘science’ of it all if you’re interested. I have a few modules on hand that’ll do this (and I’m always willing to build my own, if need be), so it sounds like a fun project.

Some other things that’ll handle MIDI in a black-box math sort of way are Sonic Pi, Bespoke and Tidal Cycles, if you’re interested in that approach. Plugdata is another option if you need it to be strictly a VST, etc, and if you don’t mind spending a few bucks, there’s always Plug’n Script (everything else I mentioned is free, though).