Redux - Midi out?

So if redux is going to be a vst plugin , will it be able to send midi out ( for using in audiomulch ) ?

Also I wonder if it itself can host vst plugs inside of the other DAW, or will it be sample based only?

Does that make sense?

Prefer midi out over vst host anytime …
Midi out + some midi plugs= to vst //would be great
Pretty sure it won’t happen ( damn I am pessimistic lately)

I hope the devs are clever enough to add in DFD and a ‘normal’ non hex representation of velocity levels (0-127)
Those two things (Especially the velocity) could put a lot of people off

bump on this.

As multi-daw user having midi-out on Redux would be a welcome luxury even if it’s without the ability to send to different midi channels.

ReViSit have this, and thats actually the full tracker soo selecting midi channel out per instrument is possible. But I don’t like that tiny interface so I’m hoping for Redux at least getting a single channel out :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sad this is still not implemented. I decided to try slaving Renoise to Bitwig to get MIDI. Managed to get it working with loopmidi in Windows. Here is an example in case useful for others: