Redux : Multiple Output to DAW ?

Well , I’ve gone through the Redux PDF and just can’t seem to get this going with my DAW ( Tracktion/Waveform ) in Tracktion you make racks wrapper with Redux and then you​ assign to tracks so I have a folder of 12 tracks with Redux Rack Wrapper … In the Redux Rack GUI I see 12 LR output pairs or 24 total … But when I go into the effects channel of Redux GUI alls I see is the defualt LR outputs just one defualt stereo output … I may have to download Reaper … I’ve setup EZ drummer and Poise with multi outs … Anyone here using Redux multi out to separate tracks with there DAW ???

Not familiar with Traction, but you are saying that the effect panel in Redux has a drop down which only contain a single output?
Because otherwise, it would be a question of adding additional “effect lanes”, each one capable of picking its own output. Adding lanes is done by hitting the plus button in the bottom left corner.

If there is only one output, that sounds strange- should be investigated.
Btw: If I want to test this in Traction, would I use the T5 installer for windows? Let’s aim for the same version :wink:

No need to Danoise, here is a small demo project i did in Tracktion 7 he should be able to load. At least on my end it works fine here.

I have added an instance of Redux to Tracktion, then wrapped it, added another track in the wrapper, now make sure to assign this new track to outputs 3+4 in the wrapper, because per default Tracktion assigns it to 1+2. Then loaded 2 samples, changed the keyzones of them, now change the output FX in the Redux sample properties, so each sample has it’s own FX chain. In the FX chain you can set now to which output you want to send it. I used 2 tracks in the example.

Maybe it helps peaking around in the example?

It’s in Waveform ( Tracktion 8 ) it’s a bug … Not on you guys end I don’t think …Thanks for the response …

Just thought I’d say thanks and give an update . Waveform 8.16 beta fixes or adds a work around for multi out . When you wrap Redux in a Rack . Right click on Redux and you can choose your outputs . Thanks guys .