Redux Presets

I’m not 100% on whether this has bin asked before but here goes:

Anyone know where i can find a good resource for some Redux preset packs? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what comes default with Redux, and i have managed to make good use of the plugin towards making a handful of my own custom presets. That being said… i’m starting to feel a need for some “fresh ideas” as far as different ways to utilize this awesome piece of software :smiley:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:


Downloads section?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what comes default with Redux

Did you also grab the additional downloads (extras)?

But yeah, TheBellows is right. Downloads is a veritable treasure trove of instruments that will, for the most part*, also work in Redux.

  • I think I’ve come across a few that used thirdparty plugins as effects. The exception to the rule…