Redux - > Slicing by time divisions?

Hello, I just purchased redux 1.1, as I feel it’s a great product and want to support the development / developers here. One thing I cannot seem to find in the manual is the ability to slice/chop by bars or simple time divisions. Example 1/8 1/4 1/2 bar etc.
Is this possible?
I understand how to add slices, but I’m very keen on working with time divisions,as I feel it speeds up the process for chopping samples.

Also if possible, in the future / feature request, I’d like the option to slice samples real time. Example press play - now each time you hit a note on a keyboard qwerty / or midi controller / space bar. It then assigns a slice.
Thanks for creating a stellar product.
Always, trusampler

Is it possible to chop by time divisions in redux?

Maybe not quite what you are looking for, I suppose the snap option may help though when adding slices(?)