Redux: Strange GUI behavior (updated)


today I played with Redux (the gui is fast, nice)… Suddenly the gui wasn’t really responsive anymore, or the clickable areas did not match with the button positions anymore (had to click next to the button it seemed). Then the gui wasn’t clickable at all anymore. I think after reopening the gui, everything was fine again. This problem directly appeared after I installed the 3 available add-on libraries using drap’n’drop. Maybe this problem was OSX 10.9.4 related.

I found a way to reproduce this problem (or have a similar one), try pasting a renoise 3.0.1 sample modulation set into redux’s samp. mod. sets.

Here now updated info.

Steps to reproduce (OSX 10.9.4):

  1. Open Redux VST gui

  2. Move window a bit to the top

  3. When you leave the left mouse button, leave the redux window with the mouse pointer by moving straightly to the top, off the redux window.

  4. Now immediately open Mission Control (I have a shortcut on the bottom left desktop corner, moving mouse in this corner without touching redux window)

  5. Go back to the Redux window. Clicks will now not match the graphics anymore.

  6. If it doesn’t work, just do it again, maybe a bit faster.

How to fix:

Close and reopen the Redux window.

Are you running Redux in Studio one? Have seen this quirk in Studio one sometimes too, but also with other plugins.

No, I run it in Renoise. It already happened now without the Mission Control step, just by clicking the renoise gui and back somehow.

EDIT: Another steps to reproduce:

  1. Open redux gui in Renoise, go to effects tab, insert some effects, focus one of it

  2. Leave redux window open and directly switch to another opened application like safari EDIT: BY USING MISSION CONTROL ZOOM OUT AND ZOOM IN

  3. Go back to the renoise window with opened redux

  4. now move the redux window a bit to the top

  5. after leave lmb, directly click on renoise windows bar and now directly click on the focused fx in redux

  6. the graphics now should not match the click areas anymore…

Maybe it’s an OSX 10.9.4 bug? But never seen this in another plug or app…

The last reproduce-steps work by using the dock, too. EDIT: Not anymore lol… I think using Mission Control is the most safe way to reproduce.