Redux trigger options

Could you please explain what is Trigger Quantization per line? Say I have a sliced sample 4/4, chopped in 4 slices and lpb=1 (phrase, each line has one slice). What is its relation with DAW? Quantization per meter is clear, so for beat.

I understand, that if I call my phrase with dotted sixteenth value, phrase will stop exactly in this line. Am I right?

Edit : OK I found an answer. If the trigger note is in start of meter that will exactly occur. If trigger note is in middle of beat, only line option will give shot to sample for line timing. Beat option will trigger sample for the rest time of beat

I have 2 more questions:

How to give negative delay for my s01?

When I use 9xx comands, guitar chords strumming sub-slices, won’t have physical fade out. How to fix it whith ADSR?

9xx … old school tracker command detected ^_^Guess you meanSxx?

When you have sliced a sample, each of the slices can be assigned to their own modulation set, including AHDSR envelopes and more. Just select the slice in the sample list and assign it to (or create) a modulation set from the popup below the list.

Triggering it with Sxx should not make any different, but other factors might (you can always share your preset or PM it in order for us to take a closer look)

As for negative delay for s01 - do you mean, a way to push the note back in time? This can be done by moving the note to the previous line and then using the delay column to fit it in time.

Thank you Danoise, yes I was meaning (SXX) commands. I know the features about AHDSR, but didn’t manage to work with it. I will send you an example to see what is the issue about fades.

Idea for negative delay: If the slice doesn’t fit in time, I move the slice marker a little to the right or (for destructively sample slice) chop some ticks to the right. But I think negative delay would be a useful feature