Redux wish list!

Love this sampler but…

Devs can we please add these features to Redux……

  • Export slices to midi. (An absolute must!)

  • To be able to playback the sample from either the left, right or stereo channels with simple L ,R, ST buttons below the sample.

  • The ability to move the sample start and finish times within slices
    without having to destructively render them 1st.


Regarding first point, that is technically not possible due the nature of a Renoise/Redux phrase. Not all parameters are accessible thru midi, and also not in polyphonic/mpe style. If Redux had a “pattern mode”, it could be possible with limitations.

To the second point, you can click the middle mouse button on a stereo waveform after moving the mouse pointer above/below the top/bottom 0dB line to play the left or right channel only. Left-clicking allows you place the cursor in the same way, so that when the new ‘Play Sample Selection’ feature is enabled you can play the left/right channels at any pitch on the keyboard.

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i would love if you guys made the renoise effects available as a vst bundle i love the exciter and the filters and the bus compressor :slight_smile:


Thanks did not know this, it seems it only comes out of the relevant side of the speaker as well tho.
Is there no way you can convert the phrases into a midi clip?

Groups in the sample window would be nice, you could build layers and selecting the group would allow you to change the sample properties for all the samples within the group folder.